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Urban Nest's First Repair Café

Last night's Repair Café was such a happy success, and a great example of how good it feels when strangers come together to help each other to fix small problems! From toasters and lamps, to hedge trimmers and pants, a parade of broken & forgotten items were made functional once more. The atmosphere was buzzing & purposeful, and it seemed that everyone felt pretty good about the revival of beloved belongings, and keeping a few more things out of landfill. Some people who stopped by seemed surprised that this was a free service (donations were optional - Repair Café is volunteer-run), and others marveled at the concept - one guest stated that this was "the nuts and bolts of a neighborhood".
We kinda agree.

Stay tuned, for we're hoping to have many more Repair Cafés at our N. Williams office, but for now, here's some photographs from the event, and even more on our Facebook page. 

Thanks so much to Lauren, who was pivotal in organizing this particular gathering, and to Repair Café in general for truly embracing the spirit of DIY Portland. And apologies for the last-minute cancellation of the hair cut repair volunteer - we hope to have them back at a future date!