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There's No Place Like Home

Brian & Laura's letter, ready to be mailed!

Meet Realtor, Rachel Freed's clients, Brian & Laura. They are a special couple (expecting their first child in September) who have been looking for a special home for over a year. They are both architects, carpenters, and "makers", and are in search of a small house with character, good light, and a yard with room for a garden. They want a long-term home and creative project where they can meld personal taste with original character, and bring in tons of light to make the space their own. This space would feature a simple structure (think 4 walls with a triangle roof) 2 bedrooms & 1 bath, lovely southern light through lots of windows, close in SE or NE Portland, and no more than 1 mile from Burnside.

Brian & Laura's detailed map of their favorite neighborhoods!

Recently, Brian & Laura walked and biked all their favorite neighborhoods and hand-picked homes that would be the perfect fit for them. From there, we sent a personal letter to each of these homeowners introducing Brian & Laura, describing their dream home, and asking if they would consider entertaining an offer to purchase, now or in the near future. 


The first batch of letters have just gone out, and only time will tell if this unconventional and personal house hunting technique will turn up fruitful for these special buyers. Rachel Freed, and the rest of the Urban Nest team are determined to help them find their dream home - could your home be the perfect fit for Brian & Laura? Give us a call if you think it might!