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We love Portland and we’re savvy to all things home-related— from green construction to vintage homes to trends in international markets. We offer wisdom for prepping a house to sell, or finding that perfect place to live. 


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Life in Portland
What You Need to Know About Selling Your Portland Home in Fall

Selling your home in the fall poses some challenges, but in PDX, the real estate market stays hot all year round!

Portland Is Coffee Central. Here Are Some of Our Favorite New Neighborhood Shops

If you make all of your real estate investment decisions based on the presence of amazing coffee, PDX is the city for you.

Monthly Picks | September 2018

Portland Juggling Festival

September 28th-30th
Reed College Sports Center

The Portland Jugglers will host three days of special guests, workshops, vendors, open juggling, and juggling games. The Portland Juggling Festival is all about sharing skills, helping each other learn and grow. Don’t miss the Juggling & Vaudeville Extravaganza show on Saturday night.

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Agent Spotlight

Andy Barlow

Andy has been obsessed with houses and interior design since he was a toddler. He grew up on HGTV and developed a keen eye for home style and decor. At 14, his parents enlisted him to serve as their interior designer. At 19, when his parents were on the hunt for their next home, it was Andy who found it first. It was only a matter of time before he turned these passions into a career in real estate and landed at Urban Nest. Andy has special expertise working with clients who opt to use home renovation loans, a special financing tool that allows buyers to purchase houses in need of major repairs that are covered by the loan amount. It's a complicated deal to pull off and one that needs an experienced Realtor like Andy at the helm.

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