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We love Portland and we’re savvy to all things home-related— from green construction to vintage homes to trends in international markets. We offer wisdom for prepping a house to sell, or finding that perfect place to live. 


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Whale Watching Week

Mar. 21st - 28th
Oregon Coastline

Marine mammal enthusiasts arrive from all over the country to learn about the gray whales that migrate past the Oregon coast each year. Volunteers will be situated at the best whale watching sites throughout the week to assist visitors in spotting these magnificent creatures.

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Wren Shiffler

Elizabeth Wren Shiffler is the newest addition to the Urban Nest flock, and we're going to try to not make too many wren + nest puns, no matter how irresistable! Wren barely flickered an eyelash in her transition to our agency, and wowed us with this adorable remodel with an ADU in the Hawthorne neighborhood. Nice work, and welcome to Urban Nest, Wren!

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