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Monthly Picks | November 2015


November 27th-January 3rd
Oregon Zoo

It wouldn't be the holidays in Portland without a visit to the Oregon Zoo's annual winter festival ZooLights. As you explore the zoo grounds, you'll see a dazzling display of a million and half lights, and experience your zoo in a whole new light. Much-loved displays from past years have included life-size 3-D hippos and crocodiles, leaping reindeer, playful penguins and fantastical butterfly silhouettes.

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Agent Spotlight

Ray Massini

Ray brings experience from many creative realms to his role as a Broker. A Renaissance Man that has donned the hat of Baker, Landscape Designer, Tattoo Artist, and more. His clients appreciate his calm demeanor, which helps them remain (or regain) calm throughout the exciting process of buying or selling their home. They also appreciate the helpful advice he offers, from interior design ideas to the ability to envision the full bloom of a garden in the dead of winter.

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