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We love Portland and we’re savvy to all things home-related— from green construction to vintage homes to trends in international markets. We offer wisdom for prepping a house to sell, or finding that perfect place to live. 


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Life in Portland
Nesting Tips | August 2015


Sep 26th-27th, Daily 10AM-6PM
Lan Su Chinese Garden

Most cultures celebrate the harvest, and China is no exception. The Mid-Autumn Festival has roots back to ancient times, taking place on the fifteenth day of the eight month of the lunar calendar, typically near the Autumnal Equinox. Enjoy traditional Chinese stories, music, and cultural performances, eat moon cakes, and, of course, gaze at the bewitching "Harvest Moon".

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Agent Spotlight

Julie Davis

Julie is a longtime community leader who brings her rich experience as activist, public advocate, and political organizer to work for her clients. As a Broker she's able to apply her passion for interacting with people, developing creative, workable solutions to any challenge, and uncovering the historical narrative woven into the bones of a house. And she has one of the best laughs we've ever heard!

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