Our Company

Our Company

What Counts (Our Values).


We are inspired by and connected to Portland. We know our neighbors. We strive to use sustainable, eco-friendly, socially just practices for the greater good.


We have a vision for a small but mighty, hand-crafted real estate brokerage. We thrive at a just-right size with a highly selective group of independent agents. We’re committed to making a positive impact in Portland while maintaining our intimate style.


The knowledge and expertise of our team sets us apart. We invest in continued education with an eye on the future of real estate. We offer a wide range of specializations, and are masters of our industry’s fundamentals.


We promise transparency and honesty with everyone we encounter. We simply and openly share information and promote mutual understanding from start to finish of any project or transaction.


We wanted to be part of a company that could keep pace with our vision of the future—so we created one! Urban Nest Realty is the result of brave, bold decisions. We empower others to think big.

Our Story (Who We Are). 

Urban Nest Realty is a home-grown brokerage, created for agents seeking a place where their talents can shine. After decades helping people buy and sell homes, we were looking for a truly progressive company with a bigger vision to grow the future of Portland real estate. The company we dreamed of didn’t yet exist. So in 2011, we took the leap and started our own! Working together, we found how much better it is to do great things in active partnership with the community—and not retreat behind the corporate style of traditional brokerages.

The name "Urban Nest" is a product of our highly collaborative approach—it was the winner of a client business naming contest! And it fits. Urban Nest is a welcoming haven right in the city. We have two storefronts (North and Northeast) that are hubs for Portland community events—concerts, workshops, get-togethers, and more. “Nesters” like us can wave hello and neighbors stop in any time. It is a place to grow, learn, collaborate and practice the best real estate we can. We love our place and hope you will too.  

How we roll (Urban Nest Culture).

We believe that living a rich life is about more than just work. We’re a group of uniquely savvy individuals—our combination of experience, talent, and interests are the soul of our business. In fact, we see our real estate careers as another way to expand and enhance our various outside passions—not as a replacement for them. Being part of Urban Nest Realty connects us to our inspiring community in more ways than we ever imagined.

We place a high value on doing impeccably good work. We provide a significant resource for real estate education, both for other professionals and for our clients. We’re devoted to constantly honing our “edge”—and simply being the best realtors around. Armed with deep knowledge of our industry, we’re more than agents—we’re matchmakers who bring together people, places, and dreams.

We also know that where we work affects how we work. Our warm, stylish storefront spaces are more than offices—they’re places for neighbors and friends to connect, enjoy, and explore new possibilities. We don’t underestimate the power of a fun environment to make life a little more wonderful.