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Rockstar Agent Rachel

Alix sent us this lovely feedback after Rachel helped her sell her house.

“We would recommend Rachel and her team any day. We just worked with Rachel for the second time and really appreciate Rachel's expertise, professionalism, attention to detail, and patience with guiding us through the process. Rachel goes above and beyond with her efforts and engagement to ensure a successful outcome - she is a true rockstar agent.”

"I got exactly what I wanted"

We received a beautiful review for our agent Danielle. Her client offered profuse praise for Danielle’s expertise and professionalism.

“I can’t say enough about how great Danielle Moody was to work with to find the perfect home for me in Portland! 

I was referred to Danielle by another realtor in Portland because of her uncommon expertise in land sale issues and my interest in buying land to build a home on.  She was great at locating lots, identifying issues and digging up data that helped me assess each lot without having to pay for my own experts.  That not only saved me a tremendous amount of money, but it also revealed the many potential complications in building a home on vacant land.  What I really appreciated is that it when it became evident that it would be an expensive and risky proposition to continue on that course, she didn’t discourage me or try to talk me out of my plan.  Instead, she just made sure that I understood the risks that I would be undertaking and left it up to me to decide what direction I wanted proceed in.

Ultimately, not only did I decide to change my plan and not build a house, through my search with Danielle I came to realize that what I really wanted was less upkeep than I would have with a house.  I ended up deciding to buy a condo that I knew would be perfect for my current needs.  With that decision made complications still arose with the seller and their agent; but Danielle successfully handled each issue with strategic professionalism.  In the end, I got exactly what I wanted.

Some of the things I liked the most about working with Danielle were her patience, excellent and timely communication, sense of humor, expertise and integrity. 

Would I retain Danielle Moody again to buy or sell real estate?  ABSOLUTELY, IN A HEARTBEAT!!”

"A Perfect 10"

Team Nest helped Benjamin and his family sell their house in North Portland. He sent us this delightful feedback for Rachel and Team Nest.

“Where do I begin - my experience with Rachel and her team at Urban Nest selling my house in Portsmouth PDX completely surpassed my expectations. I was out of state for almost the entire process but never felt out of the loop or out of control. From the very beginning her responsiveness and professionalism caught my attention and it continued throughout our entire relationship. I can't count the times her and her team went above and beyond to make our house absolutely perfect and help recommend and coordinate all the work that needed to happen on site. If only we still lived in Portland she'd be our agent for life!”

We asked him to tell us how well we did. His answer: “A perfect 10”

"We love Urban Nest Realty!"

Team Nest helped Sarah and her family sell their house after moving away from Portland. We were thrilled to receive her wonderful feedback for Rachel and Brooke.

“Rachel and Brooke did such a superb job communicating with us through the entire process. I never felt nervous or skeptical about their suggestions as to how to improve our home so it would sell better. They were spot on with the statement that "what we put into it we will get 10 fold out of it". And we did!! Rachel and Brooke also went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that everything was taken care of in a timely manner (we were selling our home after moving from PDX, a 6 hour drive away!) and they knew the right people to contact when we needed some help with landscaping, foundation repair, painting, and cleaning. Rachel and Brooke helped us through each stage and it never felt overwhelming or impossible because they broke it down into a step by step process and supported us the entire way. I was so impressed with their professionalism, their genuine care for us, and their ability to make our house sell for way over the asking price! Thank you, Brooke and Rachel for your hard work. We love Urban Nest Realty!”

Sarah’s answer when asked if we could have done anything to make her experience even better:

“Really, I can't think of a single thing. I felt so taken care of and feel you did such a fabulous job of walking us through the process. I never felt I was out of loop and I never felt pressured to do anything to the house that didn't make sense to do. Thank you!!”

Experts in Their Field

Team Nest helped Jenna and her family sell their house, all while they were living overseas. We were delighted to receive her glowing feedback for Rachel and Brooke.

“We had a fabulous experience working with Rachel and Brooke in the recent sale of our SW home. They truly are experts in their field. We are living overseas, so that added a complication, but their excellent communication made the prep and sale go quite smoothly. They vetted all contractors well and ensured that the buyers were serious before we even discussed offers. With the work they did and staging, we had three above asking offers in a week - can't ask for more than that! Thanks to the whole team Urban Nest team for making this process run smoothly!

Even being far away, we were constantly in communication with Rachel and Brooke. I felt very informed about each step of the process. They promptly replied to each email with a thoughtful, thorough answer. We knew we were in good hands, but they made sure that we were informed about each step, which solidified our decision to go with Urban Nest.“