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Coming Full Circle

Part of what is so magical about helping people buy and sell homes is the fact that each transaction is intimately woven into the story of someone's life. From the excitement of the first home purchase that takes a person from renter to homeowner, to the success realized of finding one's Dream Home, to the simplicity sought in right-sizing into the ideal home for any phase of life.

Recently, Agent Munir Randall had the pleasure of helping her lovely client, Patricia, find not only the perfect home for her, but one that brought her full circle. Patricia was moving back to Portland from out-of-state and lucked out when she found this Mid-century ranch in Sellwood. In a market where many Buyers know the disappointment of losing out to another offer all too well, Patricia's very first offer was accepted, AND she got a bargain. But perhaps it was more than mere luck...Patricia's parents met at nearby Reed college back in the 1940's and moving into this house feels to her like she's finally coming home. 

Welcome home, Patricia!