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Beloved Organic Garden Seeks New Caretakers

When Tina's clients, Ben and Ann, decided the time had come to make a move out of state, they knew they had to find the perfect Buyers for the home and organic garden they had lovingly nurtured for the past seven years. Tina set out to attract the ideal new owners for their "Urban Gardener's Dream" by highlighting the extensive gardens with a detailed plant list and lots of photos showcasing the abundant garden beds. 

And what do you know, it worked like a charm! With the happy new owners having taken possession of their beloved home, their mission is complete and they are ready to move on to their next adventure. That is, after taking one heck of a cute celebratory selfie and giving a shout out to their Agent...

"We can't thank you enough, Tina, for everything. We are all packed and headed out to Utah. Happy Trails!" -  Ben and Ann

Thanks, guys! Enjoy your next chapter, and thank you for making the world a greener place!