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A Home Well Earned

At first, Dave and Kerry’s home buying process looked to be smooth sailing. They were well-prepared, on top of their documentation, and they’d found the perfect home. Agent Annie Rose had been assured that the Sellers were easygoing, and the Mortgage Officer felt great about the timeline.
And then the storm broke. The Appraiser refused to send in the appraisal for two weeks; the Mortgage Officer was asking for further documentation late in the game; Dave found himself taking time off work to run around town gathering documents--two days before the closing date. Employers were out of town and couldn’t verify employment, no one could find W2s. Then, the listing Agent said the Sellers had cold feet, and wouldn’t be extending the closing date.

"We sweated, we hustled, we begged, we argued. Dave lost 10 pounds. We got an extension, then went through everything two more times. When all was said and done, they ended up signing documents at 5:05PM on the day of the last extension, and only making it thanks to the dedication of Robin Liebelt at First American Title. Whew!
The deal could have fallen apart a dozen times, and Dave and Kerry, who are expecting a baby in September, would have found themselves homeless at the end of the month. Reneta Peery, of Knipe Realty, could have encouraged her Sellers to give up on the deal and accept the cash offer they had in back-up. But she didn't--she put in hours of extra work to help make the deal happen, in spite of the many challenges. We had dozens of phone calls strategizing, communicating, and throughout it all, she never lost hope, always kept a positive attitude, and was willing to go far above the call of duty to help make this work. Without Reneta, Robin, and Dave & Kerry’s amazing dedication and responsiveness, we never would have made it.
It was such a pleasure to work with someone who shares the values of Urban Nest--To do the best for your clients, no matter how much extra work it takes; use compassion, communication, and solution-seeking, and never give up hope! Thank you, Reneta, for being so wonderful and a true collaborator." --Annie Rose

Dave and Kerry have now happily moved in, and Scrapple, their dog, is already plotting ways to meet all the new neighbors. They went through a wild rollercoaster of stress, work, and challenge. And they made it! Congratulations, Dave and Kerry!