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Wren Shiffler got into real estate in 2009 - growing up with professional Property Managers gave her a lot of insider knowledge from a young age. While tenacious and known for her perseverance, Wren prefers to work in a collaborative manner to make each transaction a win/win for everyone involved.

Her ideal adventure for an urban Portland day: Wren is an earthy type, and can be found drinking tea in her pajamas on a Saturday morning, poring over seed catalogs and gardening books. She heads out to Thousand Acre Dog Park with Miika, her rescued pup, every chance she gets. She has 8 chickens, has converted her entire yard into a garden space, and raises bees in her little urban farm in the Woodlawn neighborhood. A lover of all kinds of food, Wren's favorites include Bamboo Sushi, Bollywood Theater, and, specifically, the smoked salmon Benedict at Helser's. Given the choice, she could spend an entire day hiking, followed up with some food cart yumminess and chill time at Base Camp Brewing.

Her superpower: Wren is a deal hound - she loves the hunt, and has an uncanny knack for finding properties in all price ranges with great potential. Her intuition is another real-life superpower she is learning to give more credit to each day.

Superpower she wishes she had: To have x-ray vision, and to be able to fly. Basically, Superman, but a girl.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: "The keys! Always the keys!" That celebratory moment when all her hard work culminates into the light of joy and excitement in her clients' eyes, as she hands them the keys to their new home.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Wren has a lot of loyalty to Woodlawn, where she lives. She loves that it has a vibrant, cosy business district, but the residential areas are so quiet, beautiful, and unique because of the diagonal street design.

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