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A Realtor since 2009, Wren has been hustling & honing her negotiations skills since childhood. With parents in Commercial Property Management and Small Business, plus more than a half dozen family moves before turning 18, including condos, fixers, and new construction, she acquired substantial insider knowledge at a young age. Her entrepreneurial side comes from her father, grandmother & aunt, who made their livings buying low and selling high in estate jewelry and antiques. This imparted an appreciation for refinery, craftsmanship, and historical significance onto Wren.

Her ideal adventure for an urban Portland day: Wren is an earthy type, and can be found drinking tea in her pajamas on a day off, poring over seed catalogs and gardening books. She heads out to Thousand Acre Dog Park with Miika, her rescued pup, every chance she gets. She keeps chickens and bees, and has converted her entire yard into garden spaces. A lover of all kinds of food, Wren's favorite restaurants include Bamboo Sushi, Epif, and, specifically, the smoked salmon Benedict at Helser's on NE Alberta St. Given the choice, she could spend an entire day hiking in our Pacific NW Wonderland, followed up with the ultimate comfort food, pho, or Nong’s take on Khao Man Gai, then a soak at Common Ground and a nightcap. …ahhhh….

Her superpower: Spidey Senses. Wren’s intuitive powers have helped her clients at all stages of their transactions, especially in competitive situations.

Superpower she wishes she had: To have x-ray vision, and to be able to fly. Basically, Superman, but a girl.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: Celebrating her clients' success at the end of the transaction—whether it’s handing keys to a first-time Buyer or popping the cork with her Sellers to cheer their smooth transition.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? The center of everyone’s personal Universe is where they live. Wren has lived in all 3 “quadrants” on the East side and owns property in NE & SE Portland. Woodlawn, Concordia, Montavilla & Tabor are among her favorites, for different reasons. You’ll just have to ask her to find out why.

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