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Urban Nest Design Tip of the Week: MetroPaint

Where to Find Affordable and Environmentally Conscious Latex Paint in PDX

In this series, we share simple DIY solutions for maximum design impact, brought to you by our very own Agent Andy Barlow.

This week I wanted to share a tip about paint. We all know that paint can be the biggest, most cost effective way to completely change the feel and look of a space. But what you might not know is that there is an even more affordable way to paint your spaces in Portland - MetroPaint! 

You may know Metro as the place where you take all your hazardous wastes, but one thing that many don’t know is that they collect all the latex paint that people dump and recycle it into new paint that comes in a variety of colors. MetroPaint is useable for both indoor and outdoor, and comes with a five-year warranty. 

The best part? Besides keeping chemicals out of landfills, this paint is only $13 per gallon!! Yes, you heard that right - $13!!! 

Learn more about MetroPaint, how it’s made, and where to buy by clicking here. Now go paint some walls!  

Photos courtesy of MetroPaint. 

Urban Nest's Design Tip of the Week is written by our own Agent Andy Barlow. He divides his time between real estate and interior design, meaning that he can help you buy a house and decorate it too. Ready to take the leap into a more comfortable space for you and your family? Get in touch with Andy here.