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Urban Nest Design Tip of the Week: Upcycling Old Candle Containers


Candles Burn Away and Then... What About Those Containers?

In this series, we share simple DIY solutions for maximum design impact, brought to you by our very own Agent Andy Barlow.

I think we can officially say fall has arrived in Portland. The cold and rain is among us and as we transition into the new season, I’m excited about many things that this weather brings: boots, jackets, cozy nights at home under the blankets, being able to drink a hot coffee without sweating, and of course, being able to burn candles all day and night without fear of adding any more heat to the house. 

But what do you do with all those candle containers once you’re done burning through the candles? This is exactly where this week’s design tip comes in. Turn them into plant pots!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the rising trend of candles in cement containers. They tend to be a little more expensive, but they also bring you the most bang for the buck (because they tend to have soy wax, which has a much longer burn time, and then their ability to create very stylish plant pots). 

Turning Candle Holders Into Plant Pots: The How-To

How to do this: Burn the candle for as long as possible - and enjoy the scent!

Once you’ve hit the bottom, it’s time to remove the remaining wax. If there isn’t much left, place the candle in the sink under a heavy flow of hot water. Let it run for a couple minutes and then you should be able to easily wipe out the wax. Or: turn the oven on to its “keep warm” setting, place the candle upside down on some paper towels or a rag (on a oven sheet) and leave in for a few minutes. The wax should melt out of the pot onto the rag, and then just needs a wipe clean. Super easy! 

From here, you just need to grab the right-sized plant, pot it, water it, and you’ll find yourself with a cool new plant for your bookcase.


Candle Pots Seen Here in This Image

Grey cement pot: Munio Candela, from Mantel, $28. 

Grey and white cement pot: Urban Concrete, from Ink & Peat, $28.

Black cement pot: Quiet About, from Mantel, $32.