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Urban Nest Design Tip of the Week: Goin' Thrifting in the SE

 All Image in this post courtesy Lounge Lizard's Website!

All Image in this post courtesy Lounge Lizard's Website!

Getting to Know Portland's Great Selection of Thrift Store Shopping for Furniture and Decor

In this series, we share simple DIY solutions for maximum design impact, brought to you by our very own Agent Andy Barlow.

I love finding a good deal. And I also love finding unique pieces and items with history when it comes to decorating my home. Thus, I am a bit addicted to thrift shopping, and Portland has a bunch of great places to help fuel this addiction. So, this week, I’m going to highlight a few of my favorites so that you can get into it, too. (Just don’t take all the good stuff before I get there!)

Lounge Lizard – 1310 SE Hawthorne.

Probably my favorite spot. There are actually two locations (just a block apart from each other) so it’s almost like having 2 in 1. (TIP: park at the location more to the east – it has a parking lot instead of street parking). Lounge Lizard is literally packed with vintage, groovy, and retro home stuff – furniture, lamps, décor, everything. They always have a great selection and have good prices. They also make their own furniture and you can customize the wood stain (usually for no extra charge) and get it within just a few days. Plus, their staff is super friendly and helpful.

 Lounge Lizard photo courtesy of the Lounge Lizard website!

Lounge Lizard photo courtesy of the Lounge Lizard website!

Vintage Pink – 2500 SE Hawthorne.

Just a bit up the road from Lounge Lizard, you’ll find Vintage Pink (hard to miss its retro pink-colored exterior). This place is a goldmine for midcentury, retro, vintage, industrial, and Danish furniture, and tons of décor. Their prices can sometimes be a little higher, but you often find legit designer pieces here. You’ll find a parking lot just to the west of the building, so turn on the street immediately before the shop if you’re coming from Lounge Lizard.

Asylum – 3713 SE Hawthorne.

Just stay on Hawthorne a few more blocks and you’ll come across Asylum. They are the smallest of the shops, but they specialize in midcentury furniture and always have some really amazing pieces. Again, prices are a little higher than an average vintage store, but these are quality pieces and real designer finds. They also have a lot of small gifts and fun items to look at. Parking here is all on the street, and as this is in the heart of the Hawthorne shopping strip, expect to park a few blocks away.

 Lounge Lizard Photo Courtesy of the Lounge Lizard Website!

Lounge Lizard Photo Courtesy of the Lounge Lizard Website!

Urbanite – 1005 SE Grand.

Where do I begin – this place is huge (almost an entire city block) and has anything and everything from any different style you could think of. Give yourself some time to wander through it all, and I’m sure you won’t leave empty handed. Recently re-opened and renamed under new ownership, Urbanite has come back with a much more curated selection than it used to offer. You are sure to find something you never knew you needed here, and chances are it will be a pretty reasonable price! There is a huge parking lot to the east of the building, and plenty of street parking surrounding it.

There you go! I could probably list another ten stores but these would have to be my most frequented. And remember - inventory changes daily, so be sure to check back often!