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Preparing Your Home For Sale

There are numerous articles out there emphasizing how important it is to pretty-up your house before putting it on the market, but Agent Rachel Freed found this one - which is particularly useful and detailed, not to mention budget-conscious. It highlights the importance of hiring professionals for certain critical stages of the process, and also offers DIY tips on how you yourself can make simple, aesthetic changes to your home that can yield big results. We particularly enjoyed the suggestions on countering clutter - and how having drawers and shelves overflowing with personal belongings might suggest to a potential buyer that your house may not have enough available storage! 

A good agent should always make themselves available to advise you on this sort of thing: from cosmetic repairs and how to best stage your property, offering quality photographic representation for online marketing, to simply wow'ing prospective buyers in person. And hey, we just happen to have plenty of good - no, great - agents here at Urban Nest. Drop us a line, stop by for a visit, or connect with us on social media to see what we can do to ensure your house is the very best it can be before it hits the market.