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Urban Nest Unplugged: Agent Sarah Moon Lunde

As a Realtor touring countless houses over the years, you could imagine that they'd all start to blur into one after a while. For PDX Green Team member Sarah Moon Lunde, something that piqued her interest was stumbling upon the occasional vintage wallpaper. Fascinated, she started to document them, saying that after a while, it became a bit of a scavenger hunt.

Here's a selection of some of Sarah's cool finds, from an age where wallpaper was the design choice in a contemporary home;

Sarah says: "Recently I've been taking and collecting photos of interesting wallpaper I find in the houses I show. I've always been especially drawn to anything from the 1950s - that whole Donna Reed era really appeals to me. From the hairstyles and the fashion, to hot rods and the birth of rock 'n' roll, there was so much history being made at the time.
Maybe I'm just nostalgic for a simpler life involving the whole American dream? Whatever it is, you rarely see wallpaper in today's world, unless you find it in a really upscale remodeled home, or notice it deteriorating in a '50s ranch somewhere.
And of course, the word 'wallpaper' has a whole new meaning in today's world of smart phones and tablets. So I've actually been using some of my '50s wallpaper photos as the virtual wallpaper on my phone. It's two eras coming together, each one making the other a little bit more fun."

Quirky, creative, and cool - that's Sarah. We love seeing yet another aspect of her vibrant personality.

What are your thoughts on wallpaper? Are you ready for a retro revival?

Urban Nest Unplugged is intended to highlight the diverse interests, aesthetics, and ideals of our wonderful agents. What inspires them, what makes them tick? We love them, and we know you will, too.