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Ceiba's Scott Garrison

Urban Nest's Agents know that the real estate industry is much more than the buying and selling of houses, and they often speak of the close connections formed with their clients - not only during a transaction, but for many years following. Agent Tina Schafer wanted to give a shout out to one of her clients, Scott Garrison, who is out there doing great things in the world. Tina has previously helped Scott buy, and then sell, his NE Portland condo. Scott is co-founder and Director of Education for non-profit Ceiba, an education exchange program based in Guatemala. His passion for global connection and expanding the life experiences of his students means that much of his time is spent away from his own home and family. This is the season of giving, and there are many great causes deserving of our consideration - but for those interested in supporting the expansion of knowledge across oceans and acknowledging the hard work and sacrifice of a man who traveled the world to find his purpose, Ceiba is welcoming of donations this holiday season.