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The House That Piet & Keven Built Vol III : Why We Chose a Keyless Entry System

We are nearing the end of our second month in our new home and are loving it more and more every day. Of course when you’re coming from apartment living the basic novelties such as having your own washer/ dryer, dish washer and even a garbage disposal (wowee!) is pretty exciting.

We recently installed a keyless entry system on our side door and felt it might be a helpful tip for other homebuyers as well as current homeowners.  So of course, we came to this decision when we did something all home owners have to do at some point or another which is…locking ourselves out of the house!

Lucky for us, we left the bathroom window open (potential burglars beware as we will NOT be leaving it unlocked again!). Piet had to hoist me into the window while I begged him not to let go, seeing as my head would have plummeted right into the open toilet.  For the purposes of this blog, we were able to obtain photo documentation….




Keyless entry systems have lots of other perks aside from insurance that you won’t lock yourselves out. Some I find particularly useful are not having to take keys with you when you’re jogging, being able to give a family member or a contractor access to your home when you’re at work, and no longer fumbling with keys when your arms are full of groceries.


These systems are fairly inexpensive ranging from $100 – $250. Most of them are also designed for easy self installation.  We bought ours at our local Parkrose Hardware store, but you can get them from Home Depot or even If you’re really fancy, you can even purchase a keyless entry system that reads your finger print!