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A Heartfelt Testimonial From Roseway Neighborhood Buyers


Dear Urban Nesters,

During the recent sale of our long-time home and the purchase of another, we definitely learned that there are realtors and there are GREAT realtors.  Thanks so much to the team at Urban Nest for making our purchase a positive experience.  From the beginning, we really felt like we were listened to and respected. There was never any sense of frustration or pressure to make a decision, in fact, when the novelty of seeing homes wore a bit thin, Ceil offered to preview houses and only show us those that were a good fit.

When we found THE HOUSE, Holly and Rachel were great in the offer and negotiation process. The level of communication was excellent, particularly during the waiting time that is so stressful. We appreciated so much the check-ins and updates of what they knew was going on behind the scenes.

And when the offer was accepted and the inspection was scheduled, Bill was amazing. Having recently been on the selling end and experiencing a very frustrating inspection process with little support from our selling agent, we were thrilled with the detailed help from Urban Nest. Getting estimates of all needed work and helping us figure out what was really necessary and what was fair to ask for took a lot of pressure off of us.

We wholeheartedly recommend Urban Nest to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. You will have the help of a very competent team that has figured out how to really take care of their clients. We’re grateful!

Bonnie & Dave
Roseway Neighborhood
NE Portland