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Urban Nest's Brand New Office Space in Crusher Court

Urban Nest’s New Headquarters

Our new home at 2500 NE Sandy Boulevard in the Kerns neighborhood is shared with four other storefronts: Project Object, Dava Bead, Leeward and Dream Cakes. We couldn’t be more excited to be sharing the space at Crusher Court with each of them.

About Crusher Court

The former Timberline Dodge dealership was transformed into a multi-use building with five storefronts and seven creative spaces. From a street view the building might seem like an ordinary commercial space, but the magic is deep within the center of the building. The roof of the building was removed and a charming courtyard was placed inside, which only people invited into the core of the building will be able to see.

Crusher Court was Guerrilla Development's first shrinking project - meaning the building they created is smaller than it’s original state.

Guerrilla Development

Kevin Cavenaugh’s construction company, Guerrilla Development, designs innovative buildings that include restaurants, offices, and often a combination of the two. His work is thoughtful, creative, and fun - but there’s also a high level of energy efficiency present in his work.

The Guerrilla Development team is currently working on The Fair-Haired Dumbbell, which is funded in part by crowd-sourced investors. Past projects include the Burnside Rocket, the Zipper (one of the first LEED Platinum commercial buildings in the world), and the Ocean.

The charming and forward-thinking nature of Kevin’s buildings mesh perfectly with ours, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the Crusher Court community.

Grand Opening

Our grand opening party at 2500 N.E. Sandy Blvd. is Friday the 21st from 5 to 9 PM. The party will be in association with parties at the four other storefronts - Project Object, Dava Bead, Leeward and Dream Cakes. We hope to see you there!