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Maximize Your Home’s Energy Use With Energy Trust of Oregon

Energy Home Review Tools for Your Home

With Portland’s winter temperatures reaching below average numbers, utility costs are on the rise in many homes. January sustained a weeklong stretch of icy roads, keeping people inside their well-heated homes. While the respite from winter cold brings opportunities for spending time with loved ones and an excuse to read the book that’s been collecting dust on your shelf, it also brings a chance to examine how well (or how poorly) your home is using energy.

This winter, take proactive measures to evaluate your home’s energy use. With a few simple, cost-effective upgrades, you can improve your home’s comfort while lowering your monthly utility bills.

Evaluate Your Home’s Energy Usage

The first step in improving your home’s energy usage is simple: conduct an online home-energy review. Energy Trust of Oregon offers Oregon residents a free, easy online home energy review tool. If you have 10 minutes to devote to this task, you’ll receive an estimate of your home’s current energy usage, as well as informed recommendations about how to make energy saving improvements on your own schedule.

Take Advantage of Energy Trust of Oregon’s Cash Incentives

After you’ve completed Energy Trust of Oregon’s online energy review, Energy Trust offers a variety of cash incentives to help you accomplish the different home improvement projects you decide tackle. These projects include:

A Free Manufactured Home Energy Tune Up

If you live in a manufactured home in Oregon and rely on electricity or natural gas provided by Pacific Power, Portland General Electric, Cascade Natural Gas, NW Natural, or Avista, then you are eligible free energy-saving resources. Energy Trust of Oregon offers owners and renters access to trade ally contractors who can evaluate your home for free improvements, including: duct leakage, air leakage, lighting installation, and high-performance faucet aerators. Full service details can be found on Energy Trust’s website.

Solar Energy Assessment

Energy Trust also offers solar proposal resources. Solar energy will not only bring monthly energy savings, but can also create energy-related income generation for your household. Energy Trust’s solar trade contractors are available to help you weigh the costs and benefits of adding solar to your home. Take advantage of their resources to assess your home’s solar potential, and gain industry insight into improved energy generation and valuable utility bill savings.

Ready to Act Now? Request an Energy Saver Kit

If you’re ready to take strides towards improving your home’s energy usage while saving a bit of cash, then take advantage of Energy Trust’s energy saver kit. Energy Trust offers Oregon residents who use Pacific Power, Portland General Electric, Cascade Natural Gas, NW Natural, or Avista free Energy Saver Kits. Each kit is tailored depending on your home, and it comes filled with efficient products designed to help you reduce your energy costs.

Order your kit online, and allow up to six weeks for home delivery, then installation is a breeze! Winter is a great time to start improving your home’s energy consumption, so start today with a little help from Energy Trust.