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Vintage Shopping and Thrifting Guide to Portland


Portland’s Best Thrift and Vintage Shops


Calling all bargain hunters! Are you new to PDX (or the second-hand lifestyle) and looking to discover the city’s finest thrift and vintage retailers? Goodwill and Salvation Army are classic go-to’s for lightly used bargains, but we’ve compiled a definitive guide to the not-so-obvious spots where you’re guaranteed to score on cheap finds, and one-of-a-kind goods right here in Portland, Oregon.

House of Vintage

A massive vintage superstore located on SE Hawthorne, House of Vintage is a collective of over 60 independent dealers that each rent a section of the shop and fill it with their own hand-curated inventory. Walking in, you’ll feel as if you’ve wandered into a maze of vintage home goods, furniture, knick-knacks, collectibles, pop culture items, and kitschy clothing. The shop has been gaining in popularity over the past several years, which has unfortunately led to an increase in prices. If you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks and dig around a little bit, this place is worth checking out.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a well-established venue for trendy cityfolk to buy, sell, or trade apparel. The retail chain originated in Tucson, Arizona, and has grown into a network of 49 stores across 20 U.S. states. Here in PDX, you’ll find one location downtown and one on SE Hawthorne. Because these stores are often stocked with more modern fashions, the shops do tend to be a bit pricier than your average thrift store. We recommend visiting Buffalo Exchange when it’s time for a new pair of kicks, as you can often find nearly new Doc Martens for just 20 bucks!

Simply Vintage

Simply Vintage has a small but carefully curated collection of vintage and vintage-reproduction clothing and accessories. There's a great selection of hats and gloves, all reasonably priced. It’s clear that the owner Sarah is passionate about vintage clothing, leaving her corporate work world behind to open the SE Portland shop in 2011.


Open since 2005, Rerun is a resale and consignment store located on NE Fremont St. The shop regularly hosts community events and gives local schoolteachers 10% off their purchases. Inside, you’ll find a mix of vintage and gently used clothes, jewelry, books and records, all very reasonably priced. We recommend visiting ReRun when furniture shopping, as you’re guaranteed to encounter a wide assortment of high-quality retro furniture.

The ReBuilding Center

Located in North Portland on bustling Mississippi Street, the ReBuilding Center is perhaps best described as a thrift store for DIY home improvement projects. This is the place to go for anyone looking to fix up an historic Portland home. Plumbing, lighting, hardware, windows, doors, toilets – everything you could possibly need for an upcoming home project. Come prepared with shopping lists and measurements!

The Bins

Every dedicated thrifter knows the thrill of finding gold in a sea of junk. But if you want to take your thrift gold digging game up a step, then you have to try The Bins in Milwaukie. Chaos reigns at this thrift outlet, which is filled to the brim with inventory that local thrift shops couldn’t sell, priced at massive discounts. Men and women’s clothing, the shop’s primary attraction, is sold by the pound. This is a store for hardcore thrifters and probably a necessary experience for a taste of the ultimate up-cycled PDX lifestyle. A word of advice, bring hand sanitizer and wear gloves – thrifting can be serious business at this level of the game.

William Temple

William Temple House Thrift Store in NW Portland is comparable to your average Goodwill, with similar if not better prices. You’ll find the usual here – clothes, books, and home goods, with a nice selection of affordable furniture. Proceeds support counseling and social services at William Temple House, so you know you’re shopping for a good cause. As a bonus, you’ll find monthly color-coded tag sales, just like you’d see at any Goodwill location.

Fat Fancy

In the Hollywood district, Fat Fancy is a plus-sized stylish boutique for people who can never find anything decent in the plus-size section at most thrift stores. The staff is welcoming, friendly, and more than happy to help pick out clothes for shoppers to try on. The shop’s clothing size system is fun and unique, with size names like “Divine” and “Fun” in place of Small, Medium, and Large. There’s also an “Ally” rack for people size 12 and under!

Living Threads Vintage

Husband and wife team Travis and Christina hand-pick everything for Living Threads Vintage, located in downtown Portland. The shop features a small, carefully curated selection of vintage clothes from the 1930’s to early 1970’s. The ratio of women's to men's clothing is about 50/50, and all of the clothes are in top-notch condition.

Second Hand Gold in The City of Roses

When it comes to thrift and vintage shopping, Portland is truly the place to be. Whether you’re looking to spend a few dollars on a basket of forgotten treasures, or to score a used designer handbag at a fraction of the cost, we hope that this guide has pointed you in the right direction. Happy hunting, and good luck!