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Urban Nest Gets Top Spot in New 30 Under 30 Article

Making Our Mark on PDX Home Buyers and Sellers

The March 2016 Issue of All Things Real Estate is actually the very first issue to arrive in the form of a magazine, as earlier editions were released in the form of a newspaper over the course of the last five years. And in this new format, there's a great and thorough article highlighting some of the very best in small, boutique real estate agencies across the Portland landscape.

And Urban Nest Realty got the very first spot in the list!

The article is titled: "30 Under 30: Featuring Brokerages With Less Than 30 Brokers," and it presents a brief on each agency, with notes on what makes them each special. Here's what the intro to the piece looks like:

"Portlanders are used to an array of choices. From seemingly endless options in places to eat, shop and hike around the metro area, we've become accustomed to variety. However, the recent population boom in Portland is creating an extremely competitive Real Estate market. The need for expert advice has never been more apparent.

"Writing an attractive offer that stands out amongst multiple offers, and on the flipside, listing homes that will attract buyers and create competition, takes skill and knowledge. Portland consumers are looking for savvy Real Estate brokers and independent businesses that support common interests. They're seeking extra attention and Realtors who will spend time to answer questions and go the extra mile needed.

"These 30 brokerages with under 30 brokers are doing just that. With smaller teams and a focus on independent and local expertise, buyers and sellers can expect full-service treatment and creative solutions."

We love it! What a perfect way to describe the real estate market here in Portland, and how Urban Nest has found a solid footing by going the extra distance for our clients.

To read the piece about Urban Nest in the new All Things Real Estate magazine's feature article: "30 Under 30," click here and turn to page 14.

Thanks for checking it out!