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The One That Went Through Without a Hitch

In the world of Real Estate transactions there can be many bumps in the road. Especially when selling one house to buy another. It's a delicate balance of timing and luck, but sometimes it all comes together, as if by design. That's how it was for Agent Wren Shiffler's darling clients, Ross & Rachel (Yes, they get the Friends joke, all the time.) when they decided to sell the only house their boys had ever known and move into something with a little room to grow.

Their house in the King neighborhood sold in just four short days, for more than asking price, to a woman that works at Oregon Tradeswomen, which is just two blocks away from the house. Talk about a perfect match! While the market has plenty of investment buyers that might have seen an opportunity to clear the lot and build new, this Buyer will be restoring it to original condition. So Ross & Rachel could rest assured their old family home was going to be in good hands and seek their next abode.

As it turns out, their timing was perfect, because they found their new home and were under contract the very next week. Thanks to the reasonable Seller, and having all their ducks in a row, the transaction went through without a hitch, and just like that they were in their beautiful new home, one perfect for their growing family. 

Moving from the only home they'd ever known, the boys were understandably trepidatious at first, but the new house has carpeting upstairs that they love to tumble around on and they will each have their own bedroom, and a bigger garden. Philo, was already on his way to becoming a master of climbing the tree in their new front yard within an hour of the family receiving the keys. And the boys are excited to be only a block away from Lents Park!

"I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED working with this sweet family!! Pretty much a dream deal!....Wonderful clients, super smooth transaction, pretty much all of it damn near perfection. I think these guys must have stored up a lot of good karma - everything went their way, beginning to end. It was such a pleasure to work with them."--Wren Shiffler

One last thing, because of the move they had to leave behind a beloved jasmine plant, affectionately refer to as Jazzy, at their old house. Agent Wren Shiffler remedied that by presenting them with a Star Jasmine plant for their new yard, as one of their housewarming gifts. They're calling it Jazzy Jr.