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Beginners' Luck?


If you're paying attention to the Portland real estate market these days you know how crazy things are (in a meeting the other day someone described it as the wild, wild west). You'll see plenty of stories about multiple offers, back-up offers, The One That Got Away, and eventually The One That Was Meant to Be. What you don't often hear about is The One That Went Off Without a Hitch. Well, this is one of those rare stories.

Stephanie and Adam may not know just how exceptional their first home buying experience was compared to today's New Normal. But their agent, Holly Burton, guided them effortlessly through an (almost) too-good-to-be-true home purchase. 

They got more than they hoped for on their wish list; in the St. Johns neighborhood they wanted; after making just one offer. In a time when many, many buyers are riding the roller coaster of House-Love found, then lost to another, these happy new homeowners  sailed through to the finish line with nary a care, and are now settling into their new home quite nicely, thank you.

Congrats Stephanie and Adam!