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The Murray Family

Over the past few months, one of Urban Nest's Brokers, Liz Getty, has been working hard within her own neighborhood to help a multi-generational Portland family stave off foreclosure. Using her connections and expertise within the industry, Liz has tirelessly gathered resources and raised community awareness on this particular family's plight, and their story was recently featured on the front cover of Willamette Week. Since then, an indiegogo campaign has already been launched, and only 1 day in, has raised nearly $3,000 towards their goal. 100% of these funds - generously donated by neighbors, friends, and complete strangers, from Portland and beyond - will go towards much-needed repairs to the Murrays' home, bringing it up to an insurable, livable standard. It will help keep a Portland family in their home, and their history in the neighborhood intact.

Liz hopes to organize a Worker Bee party in the first week of September, for those willing to lend labor, support, and other resources to the cause. There's still a long way to go, but Urban Nest is proud of Liz and her efforts in making a small change in our community - by focusing on helping real people in need.