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Home Buying, A Geek Odyssey, Part 6: Fin

Hi, I'm Catt. You might remember me from the other five blog posts in this Series, where I rollercoasted from naive optimism, to deep, dark despair (am only 48% kidding, here). Hey, it's the Portland housing market!

Image courtesy of Allison Fuller, Keller Williams - thanks, Allie!

Photo credit to the 70's - thanks, the 70's!

The last time I posted, Wade & I were once again plumbing the depths of our previously untested emotional reserves and forging ahead in the hunt for our perfect home. Since then, we've not only found it (see above photo of adorable Portsmouth abode), but made an Offer (swift, confident), which was then accepted...finally. We're about to wrap up with our signing and finalizing of financials (a whole different bundle of fun), but I'm here to prove to you that while the ride can be rough, you will still get there in the end. As our Agent Rachel reassured us, there has not been an instance where one of her clients has walked away without what they came for. Sometimes, it just takes a lot longer to reach the finish line. Hang in there, kitten!

So here's my takeaway: If you're contemplating becoming a first time home buyer, start now. Build your credit, learn your options, do some research, speak with professionals. Find an Agent who listens to you, and who can relate to you and your unique wants & needs (this is just so important, as you'll be spending quite a bit of time with them). Buying a home is a journey, and - if you're just regular folk, like us - one of the biggest endeavors of a lifetime.
Good luck, and happy hunting!