What is Workspace?

What is Workspace?

Our Philosophy

Workspace is Portland’s first commercial brokerage specifically designed for small to medium business owners, startups, local building owners, and small scale developers. Our deep connections in the community, extensive knowledge of land use, planning and building codes, and our experience working with developers, community businesses and neighborhood stakeholders allow us to take a different approach to real estate transactions. We help build and foster community in Portland and see opportunities where others might not.

We are connectors. We are networkers. We are relationship forgers. We’re helpers, facilitators, bridge builders.

We understand that an ideal lease negotiation should not be adversarial, one of opposites trying to win at the other’s expense. Rather, it is the start of a business partnership that can be satisfying for everyone involved. We understand that business relationships built on trust, goodwill, and clear terms are mutually beneficial and produce long-term benefits for all parties. 

At Workspace, we’re more than just real estate brokers. We’re parents, small-business owners, bike commuters, mountain climbers, beer-lovers, musicians, bakers, and educators. We keep our finger on the pulse of the community by being engaged. We love to take walks through neighborhoods, spend/keep our money in our community, eat good food, and laugh a lot. We believe that when the small to medium businesses in Portland thrive, our community thrives, and when our community thrives, we’re all better off. 

And, of course, we’re real estate experts. We specialize in landlord and tenant representation for retail, office, light industrial, and creative/flex space. 

What we've got for you:

  • Extensive market knowledge
  • Understanding of diverse industries 
  • Experience in building design, construction, and development
  • Knowledge of zoning and city infrastructure
  • Understanding of neighborhoods and synergies between businesses
  • Consulting help for business development and planning
  • Broad community connections
  • Passion for small businesses
  • Obsessive love of Portland as our home, our community


Contact Us

p: 503.862.3416
f: 503.914.1484