Tess Beauchamp-Rheault

Tess Beauchamp-Rheault

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Tess was born and raised in the Portland metro area and growing up in a family construction business, fell in love with houses at a young age. She studied fine art which nurtured her fascination with the history of architecture and design. With a deep love of helping people and service and an extensive experience in sales and marketing, real estate has become her clear passion.

Her perfect Portland day: Pick up a pastry and spicy mocha in the early morning at a local cafe. Walk around Portland neighborhoods, looking at houses, admiring gardens, discovering shops and new restaurants to try for lunch. Have a nap in the park, walk through an open house, grab some yummy garden produce for dinner. Finish the day with family, full of good conversation, laughter and daughter snuggles.

Her Superpower: Answers her emails in just a few hours. Is that a super power? It feels like it is...

Superpower she wishes she had: Tess wishes she could transport herself and her family to places in an instant. She would love to travel instantly to the Grand Canyon or Rome.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: Walking through a house with a client and seeing them fall in love. That is the most exciting moment and when the real work begins!

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? While it is difficult to measure, Tess is partial to Nob Hill, Mt. Tabor, and Beaumont neighborhoods. She will forever love huge old homes.

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