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When Stew first shared his decision to become a real estate broker with his Portland community, the response was a resounding “YES! That’s perfect!”

With over a decade in sales combined with his passion for building ADUs of his own (two, so far), a career in real estate was a clear and natural path.  Stew embodies what people love about Portland – he’s kind, easy-going, helpful and friendly. A 20+ year resident who loves this city for all of its beauty, quirk and heart, Stew is lit up about helping people find their perfect home here.  

Stewart's  ideal Portland adventure: Either a run in our majestic urban oasis Forest Park with his wife and Pitbull/Chihuahua mix Looney Tunes or a sunny day bike ride around the city ending with a meal at one of Portland’s million amazing restaurants.

His superpower: Being on time.

Superpower he wishes he had: The power to get other people to also be on time.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: The day Stewart and his wife received their certificate of occupancy for their first ADU and the day he realized that Urban Nest was the obvious choice for him to begin his real estate career, not to mention the excitement he feels when advising clients about the value of adding on or remodeling their properties.  Having his own experience with both, allows him to share advice with his clients who benefit from his knowledge and professional expertise.  

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Mississippi for its combination of great restaurants, bars, boutiques and Mississippi Studios, one of the best music venues in town. 


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