Steve Eggerts

Steve Eggerts

Principal BROKER CRS, GSI | Eggerts Realty Team


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503.380.1092 cell
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Steve owned a house cleaning business way back in 1995. One of his house cleaning clients suggested that he get into Real Estate and even paid for the schooling and license. Steve would likely have never made the jump himself if it wasn’t for the help of his client. Steve didn’t quit his day job for awhile and even delivered the Oregonian newspaper every day for the first year of his career. Now an experienced pro, Steve is up for any real estate challenge and loves working with his wife Anna to make every buyer and seller’s dreams come true.

His ideal Portland day: Really just waking up knowing that he lives in Portland is pretty amazing. Sure, when the rain starts Steve can get a bit cranky, but we wouldn’t have the clear skies, green backdrops, and people who really love living here without the rain. Portland weather has a way of weeding out the wannabes, live here for a few winters and see how much you love Portland.

His Superpower: Steve is a protector. He is very protective of family, clients, friends, and he’s recently discovered that he is quite protective of his new puppy, Bella. He can’t stand people being picked on or bullied.

Superpower he wishes he had: Steve wishes he could fly like an eagle. He gets bored on long car rides and wishes he could just spread his wings and soar to get from one house showing to the other.

Favorite moment in real estate: Steve represented a buyer one time on a rural property that backed to Forest Park. If something could go wrong or be extra hard it happened in this transaction. When they finally got through everything and everyone was ready to sign, the buyer called from the house and said that the neighbor who shared a driveway with his property, was running around their house in their underwear shooting a gun. They did close the transaction, but it was a doozy.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Steve loves Mt Tabor/Montavilla! The walkability, the people, being so close to Mt Tabor Park. Steve and Anna lived in Sellwood prior to this, which is also great, but Mt Tabor has his heart now.

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