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To our Workspace team, Sam is like a superhero. Heroes are people known for courageous acts, nobility of character, who are role models that work tirelessly for the betterment of their communities. We’d like to give Sam a cape for his extraordinary community engagement. And lucky us – he brings this background to commercial real estate!

Deeply engaged in advocacy for progressive, compassionate, and informed drug policy, in 2013 Sam co-authored OR House Bill 3460, which legalized medical marijuana dispensaries. Now, he advises current and future elected officials on crafting and maintaining reasonable regulations, has drafted and introduced state legislation to allow for social cannabis lounges, and sits on city, state, and national committees and boards, including the Minority Cannabis Business Association where he assists in drafting local regulations with an equity focus to empower people who have been disproportionately impacted by the failed war on drugs and help them enter the cannabis industry in states across the country. He also co-chairs the board of directors for the non-partisan organization, “The Bus Project,” which engages Oregon youth in the democratic process and empowers the leaders of the future. This list hardly scratches the surface.

An entrepreneur himself, with two successful consulting organizations (New Economy Consulting & The Chapman Action Network), commercial real estate was a natural progression. He understands what it takes to run a viable, successful business and believes the creation and retention of small businesses and the success of local landowners are the foundation in which neighborhoods thrive. He loves working with people who are infectiously passionate about what they’re doing and helping real people have an impact on our growing and changing city. Real estate allows him to integrate his many areas of expertise: facilitator, connector, problem-solver, educator, industry and disciplinary translator, and business match-maker. 

When we asked Sam what what animal he identified with most , without a second of hesitation, he said: “whale” – an unexpected response that made us chuckle, but upon explanation, it makes complete sense. Sam said, “Whales are good-natured, well-mannered creatures who can access more of the world than any other mammal. They help others, do no harm, and are inherently adventurous.” We love that Sam is sophisticated and thoughtful (must be his background in philosophy) and enjoys embodying contradictions – like being a calm, helpful whale who practices Jiujitsu, snowboards and surfs, and rides a motorcycle. We thoroughly enjoy that image. 

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