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Our Services

Leasing: Landlord & Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation

If you are looking for space to lease, there are no fees for service when you hire a broker to represent you. That’s right: it’s free. (Cost is generally already built into lease pricing.) We help you search with tools that are unavailable to the general public. We’re connected, and we have experience. We’ll advise you, help you navigate the city, and will negotiate clear and beneficial lease terms for just the right space, in just the right location. 

We seek to build a long-term relationship with you and your business. Our advice and service go beyond your initial lease signing. We want to be your broker for life and to help you with lease renegotiations, expansions/downsizing, or relocation. We’ll also be available to answer questions and consult in the future. We want to earn your referral for other businesses who need our help. Sure this is our job, but what really drives us is meeting and helping great people and participating in Portland community building. 

Building Owner/Landlord Representation

We love small businesses, and as a building owner, you are small business. You provide a critical service to the community. You have influence over the look, shape, feel and tone of Portland, and the capacity to be a game-changer. You’ve taken the financial risks of real estate investment. It’s not easy. We get that; we see it every day. 

We understand the love you have for your building and your desire to be profitable. We see empty buildings/spaces as taking away from the prosperity around them, and we imagine possibility and create opportunity. We can help the community by helping you. 

We’re not just going to negotiate a lease and then head down the road for the next deal. We’re in it for the long haul, to build a relationship with you and a history with the building, to creatively problem solve when issues arise, facilitate tenant relationships, to work toward creating long-term leases with businesses who want to stick around and who will, too, be invested in your building. 

Owning & Investing

Are you a business owner currently leasing space and are ready to invest in your own building? Interested in trying your hand at investing in real estate? Are you a small-to-medium-project developer? Want to make a difference in your community by buying and offering space to local business owners? Looking to invest in a multi-family property to diversify your portfolio? The Workspace team would love to help you with your buying, selling, and investing goals. 

Research & Consultation

Need more information to make good decisions about leasing, selling, and investing in commercial real estate? We can help you evaluate options and advise you on the choices you are considering, help you discover new options, and get you the information you need to make sound decisions. 


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