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Before getting into real estate Nikki worked at Portland State University, promoting biking and public transit to new college students. And before that, she made her living making paintings. She’s started several small businesses of her own while helping others run theirs. She takes successful multi-tasking to a whole new level, having built a small house as soon as her twins could walk, while still working full time at PSU. An inspiring and successful negotiator and project planner, it’s no accident she became a broker. Real estate pairs well with the tools she was born with and what she loves about Portland.

Her ideal Portland adventure: Nikki’s perfect day starts the day before, when she has such a fun filled day with her kids that she feels really great about leaving them with a friend long enough to head off with her husband and a few other friends on a bike ride. They’ll ride to a trail head or a part of Portland they haven’t explored yet. After a full day of adventures by bike, they’ll relax and enjoy great food and cocktails. Then it’s back home, just in time to tell a story or two (or three) to her kids before she ‘snuggles their buggles’ and kisses them good night. Once the kids are in bed Nikki and her husband end the perfect day sitting on the porch, watering the garden and chatting with neighbor friends as they stop by. 

Her superpower: Pep-talks. 

Superpower she wishes she had: She's not sure, but whatever it is, it starts with a guitar and ends with a revolution.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: Nikki loves getting to know people and finding out what their dreams look like. And she really loves it when she can turn those dreams into an affordable reality for her clients. 

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Woodlawn, without a doubt. Nikki loves the bike and pedestrian traffic, Dekum Triangle, the Woodlawn Farmer's Market… the list goes on, but what really does it for her are her neighbors.

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