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Nicholas Nascimento

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Nicholas Nascimento is an experienced Realtor, and Dill Ward's partner in business and life. He approaches real estate from a scientific perspective, analyzing what people want in a property -vs - what they end up with. Dill calls him "a strategic mastermind"! Nicholas is a dedicated coffee connoisseur - he roasts his own beans, and writes a coffee blog,

Ideal adventure for an Urban Portland Saturday: Nicholas starts his day with a visit to one of his favorite local roasters - Case Study, Heart, or Courier -, then it's off for some people-watching on Hawthorne, Belmont, or Downtown. He'll then maybe head out for some of Portland's best fine dining at Portobello, or Natural Selection. When he needs to unwind, Nicholas enjoys working on his bike, playing video games, or tinkering with one of his many ongoing projects.

His superpower: Nicholas has the ability to anticipate a reaction, behavior, or interaction - he can sometimes see things before they even occur!

Superpower he wishes she had: Multiplicity - the ability to split into several versions of himself, so he can get more done!

My favorite real estate moment/s: Walking into the "craziest house you've ever seen", at least once a month. It's often intriguing what a house looks like on the inside, behind closed doors.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Nicholas really loves the houses in Laurelhurst, especially those with the Mediterranean design that he finds appealing.

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