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"I got exactly what I wanted"

We received a beautiful review for our agent Danielle. Her client offered profuse praise for Danielle’s expertise and professionalism.

“I can’t say enough about how great Danielle Moody was to work with to find the perfect home for me in Portland! 

I was referred to Danielle by another realtor in Portland because of her uncommon expertise in land sale issues and my interest in buying land to build a home on.  She was great at locating lots, identifying issues and digging up data that helped me assess each lot without having to pay for my own experts.  That not only saved me a tremendous amount of money, but it also revealed the many potential complications in building a home on vacant land.  What I really appreciated is that it when it became evident that it would be an expensive and risky proposition to continue on that course, she didn’t discourage me or try to talk me out of my plan.  Instead, she just made sure that I understood the risks that I would be undertaking and left it up to me to decide what direction I wanted proceed in.

Ultimately, not only did I decide to change my plan and not build a house, through my search with Danielle I came to realize that what I really wanted was less upkeep than I would have with a house.  I ended up deciding to buy a condo that I knew would be perfect for my current needs.  With that decision made complications still arose with the seller and their agent; but Danielle successfully handled each issue with strategic professionalism.  In the end, I got exactly what I wanted.

Some of the things I liked the most about working with Danielle were her patience, excellent and timely communication, sense of humor, expertise and integrity. 

Would I retain Danielle Moody again to buy or sell real estate?  ABSOLUTELY, IN A HEARTBEAT!!”

High Praise for Buyers’ Agent in a Highly Competitive Market


"I purchased my home in Portland in May of 2016.  The real estate market was crazy with multiple offers on homes in a matter of days after coming on the market.  Jen was confident and competent.  She made sure that I got in to see all of the homes that I wanted to view in time to be prepared to make an offer.   Jen is upbeat and easy to be around,  She is always prepared and professional.  I got my house with a minimum of stress and after the purchase Jen had a whole team of talented people available to help me make any changes I wanted to on my house."


‘Excellent All Around!’ and We’re Dog Lovers Too!


Team Nest recently helped Ben and his adorable dog, Bruce, through the process of selling one home and buying another.  He sent us some lovely feedback about his experience as he neared the end of the transition. We were thrilled when he described our services as ’Excellent all around!’ 

“I continued to be impressed with each team member I worked with at Urban Nest.  They are dedicated, talented, smart, hardworking individuals who made the process feel easy, effortless and personalized.  They're also dog lovers, which is a big plus in my opinion.”

Ben’s answer when asked if we could have done anything to make his experience even better: “I can't think of anything!  It was a pleasure.”

Honest, Knowledgeable, and a Pleasure to Work With–That’s Munir

We recently received some amazing feedback for our agent, Munir Henry. Her client, Adam, recently purchased a home and was very pleased with the entire experience.

"Our agent, Munir Henry, was a pleasure to work with. Communication was always quick, with info provided when and where it was needed to get to the next step in the process. Munir was honest and knowledgeable. Her preparedness helped contain our first-timer disorganization as we moved along."

Adam's favorite thing about working with Urban Nest? "Our agent, Munir, was the best part of working with Urban Nest."

"Munir is on top of her game!"

"Munir was fantastic to work with! She is diligent in finding the home that meets your needs, with an incredibly friendly and comforting demeanor. Whether scheduling inspections, answering questions about home ownership or explaining the buying process, Munir is on top of her game! As a first time home buyer, I was extremely pleased to have Munir on my side and would recommend her to anyone thinking about buying or selling a home."