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How to Create a Gorgeous Outdoor Living Space

Portland is a relatively mild climate. Even on the days when the rain falls incessantly, temperatures rarely drop below freezing.

Adding outdoor living space to your home is the perfect way to maximize your yard year round. In fact, it just may become your favorite spot in the house.

Here are some of our favorite ways to sculpt a gorgeous outdoor living space at your Portland home.


Build a Broad Patio

A wide overhang or patio roof offers shelter from the rain. Wind will blow some rain onto your patio and some water will leak further onto the patio surface, so even the best patio roofs can only keep so much rain at bay. That’s why we recommend building a larger patio than you think you need. 

No one has ever regretted having a large patio, especially when entertaining guests!

Sometimes the patio overhang becomes an engineering challenge. If you want more space than the size of the roof consider extending the decking material beyond the roof. This can be a lovely aesthetic that creates a clean, spacious patio.

Select Your Patio Roofing Material Wisely

Shingled patio roofs mimic the roof of the house and last for a long time, but they won’t allow in overhead light, which could make your patio dark. Inexpensive options like clear corrugated plastic panels break down easily and will eventually give way to cats, raccoons and anything else that crosses along the top. 

Consider a durable materials like Polycarbonate, also known as twin wall. The material is UV resistant, and offers a lovely translucent option to let in a ton of light.

Add a Patio Heater

Patio heaters come in many sizes and styles, and most are powered by the same style of propane tank you would use on a gas grill. 

Even on a breezy, chilly evening, a patio heater can go a long way toward making your space more cozy. It’s a nice touch if you plan to do a lot of entertaining.

Add an Outdoor Rug

The options for outdoor rugs have really exploded in the last few years! There are plenty of styles and sizes to suit all tastes. These rugs are durable, rain resistant and easy to clean.

A rug anchors the space and offers a pop of color, cohesion and coziness. It’s also a lovely way to dress up an outdoor space.

Put a Dining Table on Your Patio

Either bring the dining table outside for the summer or add a separate dining table to your patio. Dining outside is one of the best ways to enjoy Portland summers!

Add Festival Lighting

Festival lights strung up under your patio and along your fence line will add a magical, diffuse glow that truly warms up the space and makes is sparkle at night.

Thoughtful lighting will wow your visitors when they arrive.

Put your lighting on a timer, set to go on every evening at dark and click off by the time you are going to bed. Watching the lights twinkle every evening makes popping outside for an evening cocktail or after dinner moment even more enticing.

Keep Your Patio Clean and Tidy

It’s nice to keep your patio free of clutter so you can relax and appreciate the fresh space. 

Sweep your patio regularly - your decking material will last longer if it is kept clean. Avoid storing too much junk on the patio. Instead, find storage solutions in other regions of your home.