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Trees Add Value to Your Home (and Your Life)

There is a hopefulness in a bold, pretty tree: signaling that winter is over and summer is on the horizon.

Portland: Nature in the City

The lushness of Portland is just one of the many features that draws so many people to this gorgeous region. For people who love spending time in nature, an abundance of trees in the urban center provides a little bit of natural wonderland directly out the front window, as we walk our dogs down the street, and cool shade for summer days lounging in the backyard.

Iconic heritage trees scattered throughout the city, such as the Monkey Puzzle Tree, are a living connection to Portland’s rich history.


Trees Make Neighborhoods Attractive

Trees can certainly make a neighborhood more attractive. Tall majesties tower over homes adding a refined touch and magnificence to the visual landscape.

The placement of a tree is an important decision: a tree can gorgeously frame a home, add color to a blank yard space or create shade in just the perfect way. Trees can also add a certain amount of privacy to your home, a natural way to create a delicate visual barrier.

Urban Forests are Good for our Health

Urban forests are also good for our health and their contributions are numerous. Trees cool the environment, reduce stress, clean the air and provide a whole host of environmental benefits, such as intercepting stormwater runoff and preventing erosion.

And you know that moment in springtime when certain trees erupt in a burst of vibrant splendor? That’s a magical feeling that changes the tenor of the entire city.


Trees Add Value to Your Home

Trees can help increase the energy efficiency of your home and add value when it comes time to sell your home.

Various studies report trees can increase a home’s value by 5-20%. One study conducted by economist Geoffrey Donovan of the U.S. Forest Service in Portland showed that one tree in front of a home can increase its sale value by more than $7,000. That’s rather significant!

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City of Portland Tree Resources

The City of Portland is dedicated to preserving our urban forest. They offer a variety of resources to support homeowners with tree planning and maintenance. They also recommend the i-Tree Design tool, an online tool that helps you plan tree plantings and assess various benefits.

The Portland Tree Code works to protect trees during development, preserve trees as a community asset, maintain the urban forest and educate people about proper tree care. Can you cut down a tree to remove it from your property? What kinds of trees can you plant in the city? What are the regulations for trees in Portland? Find the answers to these questions and more on their website.

Source: Friends of Trees

Source: Friends of Trees

How to Plant a Tree in Portland

Friends of Trees is an organization dedicated to planting more trees in Portland. They help neighborhoods increase the number of trees they plant every year by organizing fun neighborhood-based tree planting events and they offer discounted trees. Friends of trees provides an interesting selection of trees based on which species will grow best where, and to ensure there are a variety of trees throughout the city. Experts from their team can help guide you through the process of selecting a tree and planning a planting location.

Bonus: Friends of Trees planting events are a very cool way to get to know your neighbors!

Planting a tree is a big deal! Most trees can live on for generations, so you want to make a smart choice in the variety of tree you select, and where you choose to plant it.

Whether in your front yard or back yard, the tree you plant will affect your space, and your neighbors’ with shade, potentially tree debris and visual splendor. These are all important aspects to take into consideration when selecting a tree, especially one that will grow tall.

Source: City of Portland

Source: City of Portland

City of Portland Tree Inventory Survey

If you’re a tree lover, you can help the City of Portland inventory our region’s trees by joining in on the summertime tree inventory. Since 2010, the Tree Inventory Project has inventoried over 230,000 trees, and in the process has trained hundreds of Portlanders how to identify and assess the trees around them.

Tree Inventory work parties happen on Saturdays all summer long. For more information, see the City of Portland website.