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They've Been Around the World and Chose to Make Portland Their Home


Selin and Craig met on the cruise ship where they both worked (she handling wine for the dinners and he doing lighting for the performances) and spent the early days of their relationship traveling the world together. Eventually, when they felt the call to settle down and plant some roots on firm ground, it was Portland they chose to call home. 

It must have been fate that brought them together with fellow oenophile Brooke Budy and, eventually, to their very first home in Portland's St. John's neighborhood. Craig is currently working on redesigning the kitchen so that it's perfect for them and all the entertaining they look forward to doing, as they prepare to move in with their sweet pups Parker (the big dude) & Minky (the little dude who thinks he's big).

What could possibly make this story any more of a happy ending? Soon they will be welcoming a new addition to the family, a female Chi by the name of Bumblebee!