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The Growler Guys In Portland

One of the best things about Urban Nest Realty is how so many past clients stick around and become a part of our ever-expanding family - and we love to share in their adventures, endeavors, and successes.

Rachel Freed's wonderful clients, Kourtney Nelson + Brendan Cocks, have just launched the first Growler Guys franchise in Portland, and we felt they deserved a little shout-out for their efforts. Kourtney was one of Rachel's very first clients - they met at an Open House in Concordia many years ago, and have been "working" together ever since! Holly Burton even helped Kourtney's sister and brother-in-law, Jenna & Ken Blancher, find their dream home. 

It's never difficult supporting lovely folk doing business in Portland - and it's even easier when that business provides tasty beverages from local breweries - so if you find yourself hankering for a frosty beer on one of these gorgeous Portland afternoons, you know where to go...and you might even see us there!