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Bottle Spotting In Portland

It's never been easier to spot an Urban Nester on the street now that we have our new custom-made water bottles in hand. We teamed up with Liberty Bottleworks - an all-American, Washington-based company that use recycled and eco-friendly materials - to produce (what we think is) the coolest H2O carrier in town.

If you're following our growth on social media (Facebook, TwitterInstagramLinkedIn, etc), you'll see that we're already posting snapshots of our intrepid agents, clients, and friends out in the wild with these water bottles - #urbannestbottlespotting - and it's proven to be pretty interesting documenting where they end up. Feel free to join in the fun, and drop by our office on N. Williams or NE 28th if you want one of these little beauties to keep you happy and hydrated while house hunting, shopping at the farmers market, or biking to the gym!