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Sign Of Our Times

Office Manager at Urban Nest's N. Williams location, Catt Palich, was out and about with her husband, Wade, on Sunday when she realized they were in the exact neighborhood of agent Susan Zazzetti's brand new listing in Concordia - and it just happened to be Open House! So they headed to the property, and spotted the distinctive Urban Nest signs from well down the road. It was Catt's first time seeing these signs out in the wild, and she found it remarkable how striking the colors and designs were - you truly can spot them from a distance, and they certainly make an impact!

These riders and signs are just another aspect of Urban Nest's 'coming of age', and we have other exciting updates to reveal in the near future when it comes to rebranding and design. It's all reflective of who we are as a company - our agents are not only professional, experienced, and principled, but they're also unique, colorful...and know how to stand out in a crowd. We can make your house do the same - just get in touch, and let's start the ball rolling!