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Urban Nest Unplugged: Agent Lindsay Robbins

Since today is Giving Tuesday, we thought it would be the perfect day to spotlight one of our Agents who is dedicated to giving back to the community. Lindsay Robbins' contributions to Central City Concern have already been mentioned here, but what's really cool is how her efforts are creating a ripple effect in Portland. Her Move-in Kits inspired Urban Nest owners Holly Burton & Rachel Freed to contribute some baskets of their own - and now, after seeing a feature on Lindsay in Central City Concern's newsletter, a "large local company" has not only pledged to donate baskets of their own, but will also be running an advertising campaign highlighting the baskets and how they benefit the recipients. 
Lindsay understands that the process of someone choosing to change their life completely is a lot of work, and can be incredibly overwhelming. She feels that this contribution of basic household items is a small way to ease the burden of literally starting from scratch.

We're so happy for Central City Concern, who work hard to get homeless people back on their feet and safely into a home of their own. But we're also very proud of Lindsay, who reflected on the experiences of people she cared about, and came up with a resourceful, compassionate concept that is inspiring to those around her.

Urban Nest Unplugged is intended to highlight the diverse interests, aesthetics, and ideals of our wonderful agents. What inspires them, what makes them tick? We love them, and we know you will, too.