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Not For The Birds


Nests built for humans are having a moment. Jayson Fann, a nest maker, artist, and musician, has built some 30-odd nests. Three are in Big Sur, including a meditation nest at the Post Ranch Inn.



Porky Hefer, an advertising-creative-director-turned-nest-maker in South Africa, designs 'high-end' nests inspired by those fashioned by weaver birds. The material used to build this one is kubu cane.



This one is sewn from recycled tires. Mr. Hefer took a leather off-cut next to this year’s Design Miami/Basel fair, where a Formula One racer bought it for $17,000.




A viney meditation nest is suspended from a ficus in the Venetian Islands in Miami; it was made by Roderick Wolgamott Romero for the owner of a chain of health.




A sleepover in a whorl of eucalyptus in Big Sur is comfier than you might imagine. The elements do intrude – a fog and a keening north wind during a reporter’s recent stay – but the elephant seals sing you to sleep.


For more images of these artisan human sized nests, visit the New York Times website.