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Amazing Pet Costume Ideas For Halloween


Halloween is arguably the most creative and expressive holiday of the year, and there’s no reason as to why Fluffy and Spot should be left out of the fun! These days it seems that more and more pooches are pounding the pavement dressed as dinosaurs or astronauts, and even though cats are generally homebound for the holidays, a tolerant feline can make an excellent R2D2, or, dare we say, hot dog? And even if you don’t have the time or energy (or courage) to costume and couture your four-legged family members, there are plenty of folk who do – as evidenced by these submissions to a Petco costume contest. Creative, zany – and let’s face it,far too adorable to be spooky – these precocious pups and kitsch kitties should inspire you to start planning well ahead for next year’s Halloween pet parade!