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Portrait Of A 'Hood: Rose City Park

This is the first in a series of neighborhood portraits written by our bilingual broker, Brooke Budy.


There was sunshine on New Year’s Day, so I joined my friend Tracy for a walk in a neighborhood with great views: Rose City Park, in Northeast Portland, which is known for a diversity of architectural styles but especially for its many bungalows. Sandy Boulevard traverses the neighborhood to the north, while the Rose City Park and Golf Course provide views and green space to the south. As we strolled along the ridge overlooking the park, I asked my friend why he feels at home here.


“It’s the kind of neighborhood where people aren’t afraid to say hi, but it still has a very strong sense of privacy. I like to take walks, and I meet my neighbors, in a way, just by looking at their homes and styles.”

As we got hungry, we veered away from the great views along Sacramento Street and headed north towards Sandy Boulevard.


“For good food, I like to walk across Sandy to Laurelwood Brewery. To the south, I enjoy New Deal Cafe on Halsey, but there’s also many opportunities to go grocery shopping, whether it’s health food or junk food.”

When walking to the shopping street, Tracy told me one of the reasons he’s lived here for seven years is because Rose City Park looks like all of his favorite neighborhoods where he’s grown up over the past thirty years. “It’s got a good mixture of everything: old, new, modern, and classical–something for everybody, honestly.”

Afterwards, over a drink at Laurelwood, I admit we got a little nostalgic for the neighborhoods of our youth.