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City Of Portland Sewer Policy Changes


It is common to find sewer lines that need repair or replacement, but during a routine inspection process, some of my recent buyers discovered an interesting situation with the sewer line of their prospective new home. The sewer scope inspection revealed that their line is considered a private and nonconforming line which is attached to a private and nonconforming main. To make matters worse, three other properties were also connected via private lines.

The city investigated the situation and said that their sections of the sewer line beneath the street would all have to be reconstructed someday soon. This news created much worry for my buyers as to the total expense for them in the future. The recent article, “After Last Years outcry, Portland City Council will consider changes to sewer policies next week” in The Oregonian , speaks to this situation, which may provide hope for relief from huge sewer projects enforced on property owners.