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Architecture Spotlight: Javier Senosiain


This week we want to share the amazing work of mexican architect Javier Senosiain.

Javier’s deep love for nature mixed with a playful creative mind and a nod to Barcelona’s best loved architect Antoni Gaudi, has inspired his  breathtaking creations since the early 80′s. One of his more well known homes, the Nautilus House in Mexico City, was inspired by the shape of a shell

His own home, built to resemble a shark, has no straight angles to be found which is one of the most prominent features we love about Javier’s work!


Below you can see his 1995 project the Satellite Complex. Located on the outskirts of Mexico City, the complex is made up of 4 houses. Javier intended the design to resemble two eagles with outspread wings wrapped around the four pedestrian entrances. See more on his website, Arquitecturea Organica.