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This is Really Real Estate, Portland Style!


About a year ago, we were working with a couple, Ella + Randy, who were looking for a highly eco-friendly home in inner Southeast Portland. We shopped around but it was slim pickings. Then Randy discovered a vacant lot in the Sunnyside neighborhood. It wasn’t listed for sale but Randy did some research and found the owner. He and Ella engaged us to represent them in the purchase and after some bureaucratic wrangling with the city of Portland (one day I’ll post a rant on the sewer department), the lot was theirs. Hurray! They were now free to pursue their vision of building a NET-ZERO ENERGY PASSIVE  HOUSE.

This is the type of house that can be run on the amount of energy it takes to power a hair dryer. Super efficiency, innovative technology, modern design. Sustainable all the way around, it is a side-by-side duplex with each unit containing 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in about 1550 square feet, and it’s configured to allow for live/work use, if desired. The building is set  near the back of the lot to take advantage of the southern exposure for passive solar energy and for growing a big  edible garden. That’s Real Estate Portland Style, right?

To follow their progress and learn about the cutting edge building techniques, check out their web site. It’s the wave of the future!