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A Heartwarming Tale of Real Estate


Here are Rachel + Zach, moving into their first home. Thrilled!

When they made their offer to buy this house, they were competing against several others. They gave it their best shot and won! They got the house because they were good, solid buyers making a very strong offer but we also knew that the heartfelt letter they wrote to the seller, an old woman who, along with her late husband, had the house built in 1955 and raised 5 children in its 1031 square feet, had been warmly received. The letter stated why this sweet young couple loved her home and why they were the perfect successors to her family.


Fast forward to closing day. While they are moving in the first of their belongings, one of those five kids, now a grown man who has been helping his mom handle the sale of the house, stops by to drop off some things. They make their introductions and chat about the house and he tells them that his mother has been showing their letter to everyone; she is so happy to be passing on her family home to a new generation who will take good care of it and intend to live a loving life within it.

You gotta love this circle of life vibe! Best wishes to Mrs. G., who maintained this house so meticulously over 55 years and to Rachel + Zach, just starting out.