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Urban Nest Goes Global

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In November, I completed an intensive training program for my Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation.  Out of over 7 million realtors world-wide, there are approximately 1440 of us with the credentials and experience to earn this designation.  With a background in international broadcasting, I must admit that over the years I’ve felt a little trapped in a profession so focused on staying in one place.  Everything changed when I found out that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) had created a designation for those of us interested in working around the world.  I’m currently working with buyers from China, Ireland, England and Guam plus through CIPS, I have an amazing network of international agents in place to help clients here find property overseas.  We’re also working with a Portlander who is selling her vacation home in Mexico.  With access to the global network we found a great CIPS agent in San Miquel de Allende who is partnering with us to sell this beautiful home.  Check it out Vacation Home, Mexican Style, ID# C679.   So if you feel inspired to retire in Ecuador, buy a commercial building in Dubai or purchase fractional ownership in a Parisian apartment, just give us a call!