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Real Estate 101


I love the first time we get to sit down with a new buyer.  We like to meet for coffee, tea or wine (!) and present what I’ve come to call Real Estate 101, a primer for folks who want to know about how to buy a home in Portland.  Before I became a Realtor, back in the day when I worked as an international broadcasting exec (yes, there was life before real estate) I bought my first house here in Portland.  What I remember most about the experience was not understanding anything about the process.  I was handed a contract and asked to sign.  A mortgage broker locked in a rate and no matter how many times I asked him to explain the concept of “points” I still couldn’t understand much of what he told me.  Signing at title was a joke – I could have signed away my first-born child if I’d had one – and I went away from the experience feeling pretty stupid.  When I signed on for this job my goal was to make sure none of my clients ever had the same experience.  Thus was born Real Estate 101, a chance to go over all the ins and outs of buying including contracts, inspections, interest rates, neighborhoods and an explanation of the word “escrow!”  It’s a great time for us and our potential clients to figure out if we are a fit and, if yes, how we take next steps.   And besides treating you to a great cup of coffee, we send you home with a souvenir – an Urban Nest Buyer’s Book, great for bedtime reading and filled with fun facts to help you navigate the world of Portland Real Estate.  Call us today to set up your session of Real Estate 101!